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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Warhammer The Age of Reckoning is Upon Us!

So that brings up a lot of questions such as which class and faction to choose? Oh the choices the choices...what ever will we do? Luckily there has been lots of whispers around that it really shouldn't matter as all classes are apparently fun and at the very least capable if not 100% well balanced. Realistically it's a given things won't be 100% balanced class wise, but it is the folks over at Mythic Studio and while I'm slightly uneasy about the companies backbone being EA at the very least it should be fun and balanced quality RVR MMORPG or MMO if you will. That's enough for a lot of us. Hopefully Mythic will be able to leverage things it's learned from DAOC to make Warhammer just that much more special to us all in the end. It'll be very interesting to see how big the RVR will be and if it can match or better yet surpass the epic DAOC scrimmages that took place between the different factions. Now the waiting and counting down begins. The only question remaining is "Are you ready?" I know I will be.

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