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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Physx gets integrated into leading engine

Nvidia gains further support

EMERGENT HAS announced plans to further partner with Nvidia on the company's Gamebryo development platform.

In an announcement which can be seen as a sizeable win for Nvidia, Emergent will integrate Physx technology into all upcoming versions of the 'industry-leading' Gamebryo.

The next release of Emergent's Gamebryo, is scheduled for this Autumn and thus will ship with the Nvidia Physx engine directly integrated into the platform.

Gamebryo has been optimised for development on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC .

It was most recently selected as the development platform for the console titles Civilization Revolution by Firaxis and Splatterhouse by BottleRocket.

Gamebryo is also being used by EA-Mythic for its upcoming game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning as well as Divinity 2: Ego Draconis from Larian Studios.

Emergent has stated that to date, Gamebryo has been used in more than 200 shipped games titles ranging from massively multiplayer online games, high-end retail games across multiple genres, and casual games.

It makes sense for Gamebryo to use Physx as an underpinning technology - Physx can work across all major gaming platforms, including the above consoles, and the PC, and can be accelerated by both the CPU and any CUDA general purpose parallel computing processor - and obviously Nvidia's own Geforce GPUs

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Warhammer The Age of Reckoning is Upon Us!

So that brings up a lot of questions such as which class and faction to choose? Oh the choices the choices...what ever will we do? Luckily there has been lots of whispers around that it really shouldn't matter as all classes are apparently fun and at the very least capable if not 100% well balanced. Realistically it's a given things won't be 100% balanced class wise, but it is the folks over at Mythic Studio and while I'm slightly uneasy about the companies backbone being EA at the very least it should be fun and balanced quality RVR MMORPG or MMO if you will. That's enough for a lot of us. Hopefully Mythic will be able to leverage things it's learned from DAOC to make Warhammer just that much more special to us all in the end. It'll be very interesting to see how big the RVR will be and if it can match or better yet surpass the epic DAOC scrimmages that took place between the different factions. Now the waiting and counting down begins. The only question remaining is "Are you ready?" I know I will be.

Warhammer Key Features

# Based on Games Workshop's popular Warhammer fantasy world. Dominated by force of arms and magic, this world provides a rich setting for hundreds of thousands of players to experience the epic nature of war and the glory of battle.
# Join one of six Armies and fight for the Armies of Order (Dwarf, High Elf and Empire) or the Armies of Destruction (Greenskin, Dark Elf, or Chaos). Wage war across three unique battlefronts.
# Next generation Realm vs. Realm game system integrating both PvP combat and PvE quests on the same map in support of the greater war.
# Engage in four levels of RvR combat:

- Skirmishes: Incidental PvP combat
- Battlefields: Objective-based battles in the game world
- Scenarios: Instanced, point-based battles balanced with NPC Dogs of War
- Campaigns: The invasion of enemy lands culminating in the assault on their capital city

# Undertake a wide variety of PvE quest types related to an army's war efforts, including:

- Public quests that benefit from the participation of the entire army
- Conflict quests that pit players against an enemy with opposing goals
- Branching quests that let you choose the outcome of the quest and your reward
- Xmas quests that reward exploration with high value loot

# A robust combat system introduces Player Tactics (earned powers you equip prior to battle) and Morale Skills (combat options that increase in power when the momentum of battle is in your favor).
# Player models that change to reflect the relative power of a character (i.e., Orcs grow in size and Dwarfs' beards get longer). Customizable armor and a visual guild system allow a player to make their character truly unique.
# Embark on an epic quest to complete the Tome of Knowledge and unlock Warhammer lore, detailed monster information, and major story plotlines.
# Online play requires a subscription and Internet connection.